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The Best Science Fiction Game!

TRAVEL to the farthest reaches of the universe.

BE an interstellar trader.

TEST your skills against cutthroat opponents.

BATTLE mysterious alien races on monstrous alien planets.

BECOME A CITIZEN TODAY! THE RINGS OF ORBIS awaits you. More on the best science fiction game.

Based On The Best Selling Book Series

The rich worlds, unique aliens and complex societies in THE RINGS OF ORBIS come from The Softwire series by PJ Haarsma. These books hold clues that may help in your quest to rule THE RINGS OF ORBIS. Learn the hidden agendas and rivalries that run this world. And gain special insight into the challenges that will face you in this exciting sci fi game. See the books that inspired this
top sci fi game..

Experience The Top
Sci Fi Game Yourself!

TAKE A PEEK at the stunning sights you'll see while playing THE RINGS OF ORBIS: