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Rings of Orbis Game Gameplay

How To Play The Rings Of Orbis

WHAT IS THE GOAL? Becoming the most powerful CITIZEN in THE RINGS OF ORBIS.

HOW DO YOU ACHIEVE THIS? By amassing wealth (called “chits”) in THE RINGS OF ORBIS, and leveling up your five key stats (Status, OIO, Strength, Agility, and Defense).

AND HOW DO YOU DO THAT? This is where THE RINGS OF ORBIS gets exciting. The way to achieve these goals is limited only by your skill and imagination.

Some examples:

  • Collect alien artifacts
  • Build a zoo
  • Create alliances
  • Battle in the arena
  • Run Guns on the outer worlds
  • all in one sci fi game

And this only scratches the surface. THE RINGS OF ORBIS overflows with options.


Rings of Orbis Game Gameplay

The Best Science Fiction Games are Free!

THE RINGS OF ORBIS is a 100% free browser game. Free to join. Free to play. Free to stay. No hidden costs. No secret pay walls. All you need is a computer, or compatible mobile device, and you’ll be playing in seconds.


If you need that special edge: The rush of instant gratification. Then THE RINGS OF ORBIS gives you the entirely OPTIONAL ability to buy RING CASH. And with this cash you can bribe officials at a moments notice, buy premium goods, or instantly build fleets of spaceships. It's a very powerful tool.

So rely entirely on your skill and wits to play this sci fi game for free. Or jumpstart your experience with a few fistfuls of RING CASH. Either way THE RINGS OF ORBIS pays you back with hours of enjoyment!