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Rings of Orbis Game Missions

Select the Source of Your Missions in this Sci Fi Game

Much of the action in THE RINGS OF ORBIS will involve the completion of missions. Missions are given by The Keepers and the Neewalkers. And, as you might expect, these very different groups offer very different missions. Choose wisely.

Choosing the Keepers:

THE KEEPERS will offer you missions full of noble purpose and political intrigue. The fate of universe will often hang in the balance. You may be called upon to protect the sanctity of THE RINGS OF ORBIS. Or they may ask you to reclaim a stolen item. Working for the Keepers will help you build wealth and status.

Rings of Orbis Game Missions

Choosing the Neewalkers:

THE NEEWALKERS will offer you missions full of danger, excitement and great financial reward. They may send you on missions to get them weapons. To fight battles for them. Or even steal for them. Working for the Neewalkers will increase your wealth, strength and agility.

The best science fiction game gives you a breadth of choices to match your game play style. Rings of Orbis allows you to partake in a massive universe backed by one of the most intriguing sci fi stories available. You won't be dissapointed.