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Rings of Orbis Game Society

A Unique Society .... A Unique Sci Fi Game!

THE RINGS OF ORBIS takes place in an area of space dominated by four planet-like rings that stabilize a busy wormhole - a daunting sight for new arrivals. But even more daunting is the rigid social order. Life on THE RINGS OF ORBIS is divided into three distinct classes, starting with ... THE KEEPERS: A benevolent race of two-headed aliens who rule the rings and offer guidance and protection for... THE KNUDNIKS: Aliens who have sold themselves into slavery with the hopes of one day becoming...

CITIZENS: This is your group. Citizens are the real engine of societies. Its movers. Its shakers. And they're all aliens! Weird, wonderful aliens. And you’ll get to choose from five playable races in this top sci fi game. But this is not all. Far beyond the rings, on the far flung outer planets, another society lurks. They call themselves.. THE NEEWALKERS: Tenuously linked bands of mercenaries, known for their wealth, bravery and penchant for double-dealing. THE BEST SCIENCE FICTION GAME you can play. JOIN THE SOCIETY NOW.

Rings of Orbis Game Society

A Friendship Generator Game!

THE RINGS OF ORBIS is a uniquely social sci fi game, rewarding alliances and cooperative play. Making it...

The BEST SCIENCE FICTION GAME to play with friends and A GREAT WAY to make new ones.

Friends enhance the playing experience. They increase your strategic advantage, or become sneaky opponents. And they expand the fun factor.

Played solo THE RINGS OF ORBIS is amazing. Played with friends it’s transformative. So find a friend. Make a friend. And...

ENTER THE SOCIAL WHIRL of the Rings of Orbis. Voted TOP SCI FI GAME!